Caitlin Marino

Raise your vibration, Change your life.

"I have been working with Caitlin for over 5 years now and not only is she an incredible healer but she is also now a great friend. Caitlin has helped me through many of life's challenges with compassion and ease. Her work is subtle but very powerful. With each session I have had the opportunity to shed old patterns, thoughts and beliefs and step into a more evolved version of myself. I am so grateful for Caitlin and the work that she does. She is truly a blessing in my life!!"

- Theresa, Herbalist, Boulder, CO


"Working with Caitlin has changed my life for the better in so many ways. In particular, her compassion, practicality, and groundedness have greatly helped me shift from reactivity to empowerment with regard to energetic issues. I highly recommend working with her and will continue to refer friends and family to her."

- Linsay, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, San Francisco, CA


"Having worked with Caitlin on a variety of issues in recent years I can readily attest to her perceptive sensitivity and the clarity of her guidance. She has continuously pursued studies of complimentary modalities that enhance her natural clairvoyance. This has enabled her to truly individualize her sessions with me; truly no two sessions are ever the same! I am grateful that our paths have intersected in such a healing way for me."

- Judy, 70 year old former nurse and retired student affairs professions, CT.


"Whenever I'm going through a hard time or just need some extra support, Caitlin has helped me by putting me and my challenges in her reiki grid. This extra energetic support has always proven beneficial and provides the best outcome for me. Difficulties seem to disintegrate and sort themselves out with ease"

- Courtney, 36 year old entertainment professional, Los Angeles, CA


"Caitlin is a compassionate and gifted soul. I have been blessed to have Caitlin do energy healings on myself and my animals for the past few years.  Most recently she helped support my animals as we moved and transitioned halfway across the country. Without her support, this transition would have been much more difficult. She always brings much love, respect and support to her healings and interactions with others."

- Jen, Reiki Teacher and Pet Reiki Coordinator, IL